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We have the world's best everyday life

Go out into nature and marvel

In Norsjö Isa Hjelte runs a yoga studio. She is a nature person who finds energy out in the forest. Blueberry bushes and birds chirping put her in a good mood and she wants everyone to be able to take advantage of yoga in their own way.

With an eye for nature photos

Seventeen moose in a row is the most acclaimed film that Jesper Stenmark managed to catch with his drone during the winter. He does not want to call himself a nature photographer because he is happy to photograph other things as well, but acknowledges that owls, moose, northern lights and other things in nature are readily available in front of the camera lens.

Story- telling conveys knowledge and arouses interest

Birgit Andersson worked as a painter. Perfect for her she says. While painting houses, she was able to plan cultural activities. Having plans two and three years ahead she thinks is a matter of course. The person who brought life into cultural interest really was most likely Torgny Lindgren according to her.

Perseverance and talent - a good combination

Hedvig Dahlberg is a bundle of energy with a focus on “Enduro”. She sees the benefits of living in Norsjö where she gets incredibly much support, but at the same time making the long winters that sometimes she barely had time to drive on summer tires before it’s time to race.

A loving family with twins in focus

At home Josefine Lindgren and Ephraim Girma Hailu is full speed when the twins Tobias and Lily 1.5 years playing and fooling around. A family who moved to Norsjö mainly for the sake of the children.

A trendsetter who created headlines

During the 1920s, she belonged to the very top of the skiing elite, and she knew she beforehand was one of the favorites. There was a murmur through the crowd as she approached the starting area. Some pointed to her, some whispered while others were talking loudly. Many stood and shook their heads. It did not take long before the reporters flocked around her. Trousers! It was highly inappropriate for a woman.