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The leisure association life offers a wide range of activities and here you can meet a lot of dedicated enthusiasts.

A rich and attractive leisure time

With nature on the doorstep, the opportunities for recreation and recuperation are enormous for Norsjö Municipal Borough’s population. We have a rich association life and entrepreneurs who deliver activities that give memories for life while our nature delivers a fantastic arena summer and winter. Here we take advantage of the voluntary drive and commitment.

Did you know that the Keyhole originates from Norsjö Municipal Borough? (The Swedish National Food Agency’s Keyhole symbol is there to help consumers identify the healthier options when buying food) Here, health and association life has long gone hand in hand and the commitment among our non-profit forces is great. If you want to get involved in an association, you have come to the right place.

The newest addition is the Arena Park where you can do spontaneous sports for free.

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Follow Bolltrixarn through the Norsjö district for inspiration. 

Here there is a lot to do, both summer and winter. The Cultural school’s spring and Christmas concerts are well attended. The music and theater association ensures that there are performances for all ages.

Every summer, 3000 cubic meters of sand are transported to Norsjö center for the annual beach volleyball tournament – Norsjö Beach.

At Norsjö Shopping Center you will find upcoming events and Visit Norsjö is our tourist site where you can find attractions.

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