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To live and work in Norsjö district gives you the opportunity to have a fulfilling work whilst having time and resources for family, friends and interests. Here you simply get more weekday.

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Norsjö district is a vibrant community with a need for more citizens and new start-ups. We need the right skills for the right functions and must therefore be attractive to those who want to establish companies or settle here. Thriving business community growth requires collaboration between different collaborators. We also want to safeguard what we have, our vibrant towns and our countryside and want to take advantage of the local commitment that exists and work for the development of the entire district.

Job vacancies at companies in Norsjö

Många företag i Norsjöbygden behöver kompetens. Nedan ser du några jobb som finns tillgängliga just nu på Arbetsförmedlingens sida. 

Personal assistant 

Personal assistant

Forest workers with an interest in nature and fresh air

Personal assistant in Bastuträsk 

Vacancies with Region Västerbotten

We shape good health and a good living environment in Västerbotten – do you want to make a difference? Our main mission is health care, dental care, habilitation, rehabilitation and public health work.

District doctor to Norsjö Health Center

Work as a teacher with us!

Please contact us if you want to work as a teacher in Norsjö municipality. 

Contact information

Recognition of foreign qualifications

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) evaluate and recognize your qualifications and compare it with the Swedish education system, if you have completed the following education abroad:

  • Higher education
  • Post-secondary vocational education
  • Upper secondary education

Validation  to get a Swedish Equivalent Certificate

Teacher Initiative

At Norsjö municipality, we are currently investing extra on teachers, which means that you, as a newly hired licensed teacher, can receive bonuses. We offer a salary bonus for 3 years, which means the possibility of a total of SEK 70,000 extra in salary divided into 3 years and you move to and register in our municipality so you can receive an additional 25,000 SEK for two years.

Read more about the teacher’s initiative by clicking here.

Working as a teacher in Norsjö municipality